Suburban Meditation

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Patrick Lichty

Suburban Meditation ,
Co-workers & Funding
Barrister's Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana Arts Council Mini-Grant, Salt Lake Arts Center,.
  • Suburban Meditation
    339 × 206
Suburban Meditation (2003-2009) This installation is a commentary on the worship of materiaism in American Suburbia, The inspiration dedrives from the weekly practice of lawn mowing in suburban Baton Rouge Louisiana after visiting the Ryoan-Ji Zen gardens of Kyoto. The drone of the mower mirrored a materialist chant of the Buudhist monks, and the circular motions reminiscent of the raking of stones.

The installation consisted of an "American" materialist Zen garden of astroturf, stones, reflecting balls, plastic furniture, and the mower. On the large format TV or projection (Salt Lake City) an analogue capture from the mower's point of view as the artist went on his rounds, also shredding artifacts of material culture as he went.

This work was at the Das Wunderkammer exhibition at Barristers' Gallery in New Orleans (2003) and the "All American" exhibition at the Salt Lake City Art Center in 2009.
  • subjects
    • Arts and Visual Culture
      • allegory
      • materiality
      • theory
        • Postmodernism
        • simulacrum
    • History and Memory
    • Power and Politics
      • institutions
      • nationalism
    • Society and Culture
      • capitalism
      • consumption
      • urban space
Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
3.5x3.5 m space, astroturf, stones, video projection, plastic furniture, reflecting balls, audio amplification.
Footswitch activated or ambient play - current version uses Raspberry Pi (2022)
Astroturf, stones, Lawn ornaments, Plastic Furniture, Lawnmower, Audiovisual projection/display, doormat with footswitch.
Mix of live lawnmowing, combined with lrecorded live Buddhist chant, 2002, Kyoto. 2 channel stereo.