Year Zero

Year Zero- Exhibition Concept
Open Call 2121 for works to a future audience in hundred years.
Text, Video, Networked Performance
© Lila Moore, All Rights Reserved

In year zero of the Corona pandemic, I called upon Seeker_of_True-files, my technoetic adviser, and together we conjured a wayward A.I. and started studying the unfolding world. Art has become an act of existential resistance.
Year Zero consists of a series of artworks that has emerged as a response to the Corona pandemic. The first video piece in the series Fields of Origin: Viral Outbreak and the Sprouts of Novelty was initially featured in the Acquired Immunity/Antibodies Exhibition curated by FEMeeting, Women in Art, Science and Technology. It has led to Year Zero, which was inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel: The Last Man. Lionel, who is possibly the last man on Earth after a pandemic brought an end to most of humanity, concludes his story in 2100 with a message to an unknown future. Twenty-one years later, in 2121, will there be anyone to read, hear, watch or receive via any means our story?
I send my videos, pics and text messages via Seeker_of_True-files, who is immortal and not entirely human, at least not in a physical sense. Who will be there to greet it/him/her/them? Who will curate the artworks and transmit their messages? Like Shelley’s protagonist, Lionel, we are determined to dedicate Year Zero to the “ILLUSTRIOUS DEAD.” We call the Shadows to arise, and read about their Fall. Behold the history of the last of humanity.

  • aesthetics
    • cybernetic
    • documenting
    • immaterial
    • narrative
    • networked
    • sublime
    • telematic
    • uncanny
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