ORBIC Field v72

Source: 2016 Victor Acevedo • Music: © 2016 Igor Amokian : Tap film icon to launch the video player

Victor Acevedo

ORBIC Field v72 ,
Co-workers & Funding
music by Igor Amokian
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Electronic Visual Music Work
TRT: 1:17
Directed and Animated by Victor Acevedo
Music by Igor Amokian (Chris Holland)
video © 2021 Victor Acevedo
music © 2021 Chris Holland

Victor: Orbic Field is a ‘prequel’ to my piece called Orbital Remix which uses many of the same geometries. Its soundtrack is a bit more in the category of (abstract) instrumental Hip Hop; in contrast to Orbic Field which is more of a drone work; however gently punctuated with a wide spectrum of beats and frequencies. The graphical narrative unfolds in an edit that ranges from tight synch to a looser figure/ground relationship to its sonic environment.

My recent videos are influenced by electronic sounds and music as well as abstract jazz-based forms along with R. Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics and ‘classical’ Sacred Geometry. I also owe a conceptual debt to the “moving painting” video work of Bill Viola. I think of my videos as existing in the lexicon nexus between experimental film and visual music. At the heart of my video practice is a core sensibility of being a painter. I think you can see that in the kinetic layering of graphical textures. Moreover, bringing the element of motion to ‘painting’, is essential to the form.

EVM: Electronic Visual Music

While some of Acevedo’s earliest experiments in computer animation were in 1985-86 and then later in 1996 with the looping videos called Vortex Engine and Orb Matria, it wasn’t until 2007 that video became the main focus of his artmaking.

While considering the phenomenology of synesthesia and cymatics and much later integrating real-time video-mixing workflows into his audio-visual (AV) studio practice, Acevedo positioned himself initially inside the genre called Visual Music. In 2013 Acevedo coined the term Electronic Visual Music. Its acronym is EVM. It was a play on EDM and an update of the genre called Visual Music. He first attached it to a Drum and Bass monthly that he was planning but the events were put on hold. The first time he used the term publicly was for an AV performance event at LACDA in May 2019.

In 2011 Acevedo joined Los Angeles Video Artists (LAVA) and started attending their monthly meetings. Within that community he learned how to perform and project live mix video via apps that can run on a MACBook Pro. For a couple of years (2012-2014) he explored applying his CGI based motion graphic work to real-time live visuals for underground or non-mainstream EDM events. In doing so he combined his interest in contemporary electronic bass music with concepts in Digital Cinema and Synergetic Geometry. His music video work and live visual (VJ) performances were informed by a synthesis of these traditions, disciplines, and resultant phenomenologies.

Orbic Field v75x is on Acevedo’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWhB8fmQP_4
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Technology & Material
Video: Softimage, VDMX, Adobe Premiere
Music: Amokian used a circuit drone feature on one of my toy keyboards, an 8bit sound fx toy with random glitches along with various random toy piano tones. All were tracked live and then mixed down for the sound piece heard.