Escher Girl

2002 Victor Acevedo
Source: 2002 Victor Acevedo

Victor Acevedo

Escher Girl ,
  • Escher Girl
    913 × 720
Archival Digital Print, Sizes: 8”x10” and 13”x19” Pigment Inks on cotton rag substrate or Light Jet digital photo prints. (Also available larger custom sizes or NFT by special order) Date created: March 2002

Victor: This is a portrait of a woman who attended my very first public analog art show in Hollywood, May 1982. She arrived wearing a frock adorned with large Escher-like tessellated patterns of men wearing Chinese hats. I don’t remember her name, I met her only that one time and sadly never saw her again. Behind her on the wall to the left, is my Escher-inspired graphite drawing called Four-fold Rotational Wasp created in 1980.
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