Ruth Schnell
© LichtGraffiti, 2001/2002[ Light Graffiti, 2001/2002 ]Computer-controlled interactive light installation with two light scannersFederal Educational Academy, Feldkirch (A), competitionTwo light scanners, housing case, two touch screens, control computer ; Ruth Schnell
  • LichtGraffiti
    800 × 538
  • LichtGraffiti
    402 × 600
  • LichtGraffiti
    800 × 600
  • LichtGraffiti
    238 × 118
Computer-controlled interactive light installation with two light scanners
Federal Educational Academy, Feldkirch (A), competition
[English title, Light Graffiti]

'LichtGraffiti' is an interactive light installation conceived for the school and academy building in Feldkirch. In the building there is a pedagogical academy (PädAk) and a federal upper-level gymnasium (BORG). The installation refers to school as a place of condensed information reception. 'LichtGraffiti' develops an analogy to the rhythm of absorbing and processing experiences.
The work consists of three parts, each installed independently in the two institutions: a touchscreen in the foyers, two projectors projecting moving light circles on the facade of the building at night and a text archive.
The touch screens allow the users to enter personal texts. They can be used by the students during the day. At night, when the building is closed, two light circles of 1m diameter rewrite these entries letter by letter in defined areas above the entrances.
A texture of light unfolds on the strictly gridded facade of the building. The interplay between unified form and personal expression turns the projections into graffitis: behind an initially uniform appearance ("tagging", spraying) there hides the attitude of the individual.
Technology & Material
Two light scanners, two touch screens, control computer
Installation Requirements / Space
Site-specific to the Federal Educational Academy, Feldkirch (A)
Two light scanners, housing case, two touch screens, control computer, Internet platform
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