Birth of Eve Clone P
© Media: Digital Image and Sound, 3D Animation, Computer, Projector, StereoDimensions VariableYear: 2018Time: 10’11″Exhibitions2019 “Cultivation, Link and Expand – 2019 Taoyuan Women’s Art Exhibition", Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts, Taoyuan Cu ;

Lin Pey-Chwen

Birth of Eve Clone P ,
Co-workers & Funding
Sheng-Chieh Wang, Chin-Shiang Hu/ Lin Pey-Chwen Digital Art Lab
  • Birth of Eve Clone P
    1269 × 952
The Birth of Eve Clone P is a large-scale projection installation of three Eve Clone images. It shows Eve Clone being placed in a test tube. There, she is slowly cultivated, changing from a draft to a digital wireframe and finally a metallic texture, rotating 360 degrees with a hymn playing in the background. She gradually becomes a Great Image with a golden head, a silver chest, a bronze belly, an iron leg, and half-iron, half-clay feet. In the end, she proudly raises her head and dances.
Above the three Eve Clone images are rapidly jumping numbers, Time Codes signifying the value of her life. This time passes at the speed of artificial evolution. It also portrays that Eve Clone is like humans, living in the moment, true and lively. The Time Codes of each of the Eve Clones are slightly different. Through this work, Lin represents the process of cultivating artificial life, and humans coexisting in the moment, as well as its essence—which is that it can be endlessly reproduced.
  • aesthetics
    • interactive
    • real-time
    • virtual
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    • installations
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Technology & Material
Media: Digital Image and Sound, 3D Animation, Computer, Projector, Stereo
Dimensions Variable
Year: 2018
Time: 10’11″