Violating Patterns

Ruth Schnell
© Violating Patterns, 2014Print on aluminium composite panel56x90 cmUV print, aluminium composite panel ; Ruth Schnell
  • Violating Patterns
    471 × 768
Print on aluminium composite panel

The UV print on Alu-Dibond shows a series of ornamental settlements. 'Violating Patterns' adopts the representation of NATO wire models from the product catalog of a market-leading manufacturer. The work arose in the context of the exhibition DO NOT CROSS, which artistically grappled with the concept of the border as a territorial landmark and as a bulwark in the service of “national security”. The barbed wire, which has long since been a symbol of the armament of the European external borders, appears as an imaging pattern.
Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
56x90 cm
UV print, aluminium composite panel
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