A Glass of Wine with Harry

2000 Victor Acevedo
Source: 2000 Victor Acevedo

Victor Acevedo

A Glass of Wine with Harry , ongoing
  • A Glass of Wine with Harry
    1068 × 720
Archival Digital Print, Sizes: 8”x10” and 13”x19” Epson Pigment inks on cotton rag substrate or Light Jet digital photo prints. (plus custom sizes or NFT by special order) Date created: 2000

This is a surrealist portrait of Acevedo’s friend Harry Robinson. The source photo was taken at a wedding reception in Southern California sometime in the early 1980s. Also in the image is another good friend called Carlos Amador.

Victor: I’ve always enjoyed the visual pun of one of the structure’s spheric nodes dipping into the wine glass. It was a way to connect the geometry to the photographic space. If you look closely at the texture-mapped sphere enveloping Harry’s head, you will see multi-directional curvilinear echoes of my image called Eric in Orense.
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