Eric in Orense v02

2001 Victor Acevedo
Source: 2001 Victor Acevedo

Victor Acevedo

Eric in Orense v02 ,
  • Eric in Orense v02a
    854 × 720
Archival Digital Print, Sizes: 8”x10” and 13”x19” Pigment Inks on cotton rag substrate or Light Jet digital photo prints. (Also available larger custom sizes or NFT by special order) Date created: March 2001 (detail: horizontal crop)

This is a portrait of Acevedo's younger brother Eric adapted from a photograph taken in Northern, Spain (Galicia) in 1983. Consistent with my ongoing exploration of the use of the isotropic vector matrix (IVM) to metaphor the underlying void-plenum, this image illustrates the interconnectedness of figure-ground and the resultant perturbations in the otherwise isotropic field.

This is a sequel to the Acevedo image called David in Orense. Later Victor realized that he had been mistaken as to the real location where the source photos for the two images were taken. They were in fact taken in Ribadeo which is a municipality in the North Western Spanish province of Lugo in Galicia. Specifically the scene photographed was afternoon tea in an airy in-door patio at a lovely hotel called Parador de Ribadeo.

Victor: Yes, it’s true, this photo was actually taken in Ribadeo. Decades later, reminicing and doing research online with Google images, my memory was jogged. A few days later we did arrive in Orense. We were following the trail of the early Acevedo family in Spain. The phonetic poetry of the name ‘Orense’ for me more accurately captures the aura and resonance of the journey. So with a bit of artistic license, I kept the name in both titles.
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