Y Straight Forward

2012, Elke Reinhuber, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn
Source: 2012, Elke Reinhuber, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn

Elke Reinhuber

Y Straight Forward ,
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With Sebastian Pelz, proposal for Paseo Projects, Zaragozza
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Y straight forward?
A city-tour guide of a different sort
The human eye is an omnivore and so constantly feeding the corresponding brain cells with loads of information. Only later the important is segregated from the insignificant, but far more than five times what we actually see reaches our optic nerves, even if we never realise. What else could we see, and do?
When playing games, we usually can go back to the latest saved level or just start over again. In real life – we only have rarely the chance to do so and if – we might lack time and energy. With this imagined navigation device, we can instantly experience what we missed on the path we didn’t take and easily decide if it is worth going back and trying the other possibility.
This project is about the observations, how some take advice from authorities or machines for impeccable, and don’t know what they miss by going straight on the fastest track and avoiding detours and sideways. You could say, it is an experiment to evoke counterfactual thoughts.

Y Straight Forward considers the idea of a counterfactual tour guide, which does not look for the shortest connection between two points, but explores all the delights along the way. With the help of a navigation device, we intend to seduce the participants to lose track for some minutes of their daily routine.
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