Ruth Schnell/Gudrun Bielz
© Traumliege, 1987[ Dream bed, 1987 ]Video sculptureMetal object, built-in monitor, video player, videotape, metal vase, rosesIn co-production with Gudrun Bielz ; Ruth Schnell/Gudrun Bielz

Ruth Schnell

Traumliege ,
Co-workers & Funding
In co-production with Gudrun Bielz
  • Traumliege
    182 × 118
Video sculpture
[English title, Dream bed]

INSTANT body, INSTANT coitus, INSTANT dreams
The fast-paced images are freeze-dried, the fast-paced dreams static, the people coded, the codes interchangeable.
Porn is the dream of de-sensualized sexuality, the imagination of the eternally available, the dream of the mechanics of the act, a man's dream of being a pleasurable voyeur of a constantly repeatable action – the bodies become symbols that function mechanically – interchangeable as the ambience: the palm tree, the rose wallpaper, the art on the wall.
From: Ruth Schnell/Gudrun Bielz. 'Traumliege'. Published in: Eva & Co, Issue 18, 1987
  • technology
    • displays
      • electronic displays
        • computer monitors
    • hardware
      • video (analog)
Technology & Material
Monitor, video player, videotape
Metal object, built-in monitor, video player, videotape, metal vase, roses
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