Johnny Ranger
© Immersive audio-visual animationDimensions variableVideo, fulldome projection environment, loudspeakerMedia content and animation: Nikola TasicMedia setup: Martin Kusch, Johannes HucekSound: Alexandre St-Onge, Marie-Claude Poulin ; Johnny Ranger

Ruth Schnell

Facades ,
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Media content and animation: Nikola Tasic
Media setup: Martin Kusch, Johannes Hucek
Sound: Alexandre St-Onge, Marie-Claude Poulin
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    5760 × 3840
  • facades
    5760 × 3840
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    900 × 600
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    1280 × 720
Immersive audio-visual animation

'facades' is an audio-visual animation, conceived for performance in a fulldome. Fulldomes are immersive, dome-based projection environments, which – as an interface – allow full and multimodal integration of the viewers in a multi-sensory, potentially interactive, experiential space. The piece challenges traditional concepts of space, reality and perception, and the presented immersive experience is also an experience of instability.
A virtual urban scene is developed in facades, constructed from arrangements of point clouds. Facades and streetscapes appear elastic; diaphanous rows of houses overlay one another, and panoramas may unfold. The individual motion of the projected content simulates both spatial dynamics and a first-person perspective.
This moving image is accompanied by sound, based on the recording of the text "No Such Agency", published in 1986 by media theorist Friedrich Kittler about the NSA. Whispered fragments of the text are acoustically placed in the projection, seeming to drift past the viewer, and coming together in the virtual space.
For the exhibition A Model for the Aesthetics of Digital Art in Hong Kong (2016), 'facades' was reconceived as an animation running on an Oculus Rift.
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  • technology
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      • video (analog)
Technology & Material
Fulldome projection environment, loudspeaker
Installation Requirements / Space
Dimensions variable
Video, fulldome projection environment, loudspeaker