Memory Garden

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Olga Kisseleva

Memory Garden , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
In collaboration with CNRS, IZOLYATSIA Foundation and Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center.
  • Memory Garden
    1400 × 943
  • Memory Garden
    565 × 497
  • Memory Garden
    565 × 439
The exhibition proposes to “listen” trees of Babyn Yar, feel the metaphor of Tree as a Capsule of Time, which conveys knowledge from the Past (the ground) to the alive limbs of the Future.
The Babyn Yar trees were growing all this time as silent witnesses of both tragedies and desperate attempts of memory protection. What about is their silence? If we could hear them, stay together and share the feeling of mourning, of dismay before the remembrance and of… hope.
It is impossible to listen the voices of the trees. But the technologies allow us to “listen”. The search of New Media Art brings us closer to the communication with the plants — the electromagnetic impulses inside the trunk appear fixed with the equipment and visualized.
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