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© Anonymous Real-time : Igor Amokian LIVE @ LA CITA June 7, 2016 LA CA.Duration: 1:53​Directed & Animated by Victor AcevedoMusic © 2016 Igor Amokian • Video © 2017 Victor Acevedo ; Tap 'film' icon to launch player. Video @ 2017 Victor Acevedo Music © 2016 Igor Amokian

Victor Acevedo

Anonymous Real-Time ,
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music by Igor Amokian
  • Anonymous Real-Time
    1280 × 720
Electronic Visual Music Work
TRT: 1:53
Anonymous Real-time : Igor Amokian LIVE @ LA CITA June 7, 2016 LA CA.
Directed and Animated by Victor Acevedo
Music by Igor Amokian (Chris Holland)
video © 2017 Victor Acevedo
music © 2016 Chris Holland

Victor: I think of this video as an exploration into synesthesia along with accented glimpses of inter-dimensionality. The soundtrack was performed live by Igor Amokian (Chris Holland) and recorded in audio and video with a mobile phone. The motion graphics were added later.

I first met Chris Holland (Igor Amokian) at the Mandrake Bar just off gallery row in Culver City in about 2011. He was the DJ spinning (as it were) some esoteric but catchy tunes for the Monthly “open decks” VJ nights hosted by Eric Medine and James Fader Cui, co-directors of the then very active Los Angeles Video Artists [LAVA] group. Later at a regular monthly members gathering, I witnessed one of his presentations on his Circuit Bending work, and I realized that was where he was really at. I was blown away and I knew we would collaborate at some point.

Our first collaboration is the visual music work called A Walk in the City [2016] Igor Amokian has been recording, releasing music and performing live for several years now with the unique sounds of his circuit bent machines and vintage electronics. Many of his circuit bent creations have been shown at various exhibits and heard in various sound installations.

Anonymous Real-time v02 had its world public premiere @ LACDA : Los Angeles Center for Digital Art during the Downtown LA Art walk on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017 as part of a group show called Featured Video Artists. The official opening reception was on Saturday Sept. 16, 2017. The exhibition ran through Oct. 7, 2017.

Anonymous Real-time was included in the 30-minute EVM program that was streamed on August 26, 2020 as part of the 6-hour online Chapters Gathering event produced by ACM SIGGRAPH Los Angeles, To view it there go to:

In April 2021, an excerpt of this piece was featured in Victor Acevedo’s first collection of NFTs uploaded to The collection also included a couple of still images and an ambient video remix of the original piece.

(excerpted from Acevedo in Context, 40-year career survey 1977-2020 with contributing author Peter Frank and others. To be published in 2022 by Acevedomedia)

Anonymous Real-time is on Acevedo’s Youtube Channel:
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Technology & Material
Visuals: Premiere 2014, Softimage, C4D, VDMX
Music: Amokian played some background sounds on a CD player being process by a Ucreate. He also played beats from the Venom V10 bent drum through the Dissolverator circuit bent filter and some sound fx from a mini circuit chiptune music player and was performed live.