f_(noir) Solo CD Eilean Records

Bill Seaman
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Bill Seaman

f_(noir) Solo CD Eilean Records , ongoing
  • f_(noir) Solo CD Eilean Records
    1248 × 1256
f_(noir) Solo CD Eilean Records - 2015

Shadow Detail 06:36
Ending (part 1) 06:34
Another Day 06:11
Ending (part 2) 05:28
A History of Silence 03:33
A Dark Thought 04:45
Ending (part 3) 05:22
Having Fallen 05:03
The Undoing Of Time 05:58
Endgame (for Rrose) 05:38
Ending (part 4) 10:22
Almost Black 05:43
Bill Seaman's music often combines his own structured piano improvisations, composed selections of samples, as well as elaborate computational and analogue abstractions. As a media theorist, he is interested in notions of intelligent systems and computational creativity. His recent collaborations include Light Folds – The Seaman and the Tattered Sail with Craig Tattersall (Facture) – The Humble Bee , The Boats; Minor Distance with Daniel Howe (Cotton Goods); and s_straits with John Supko (Cotton Goods). He has been active as a media artist, making the soundtracks to all of his works historically.

Video: vimeo.com/119539227

Date : 03.03.15
Map point : eilean 33
Color : green
Season : spring
Originally released via Eilean
released March 3, 2015

Bill Seaman — Piano, Assorted Samples, Composition of Samples
Marissa Katarina Bergmann [Aimari] — Featured Vocals (sample recording) / Piano on track 6 (sample recording)
Craig Tattersall — Synth Bass and Tape Work (sample recording)
Robert Ellis-Geiger — Trumpet (sample recording)
Ciompi Quartet — (sample recording)
Eric Pritchard / Hsiao-mei Ku (violins)
Jonathan Bagg (violin and viola)
Fred Raimi (cello)
(f) noir was produced by Bill Seaman
Mastered by Mathias Van Eecloo
Cover art by Marco Cadioli (www.marcocadioli.com)
Graphic Design by Rémi Verdier
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