Water Wheel

Bill Seaman
Source: Bill Seaman
  • Water Wheel
    1204 × 814
  • Water Wheel
    648 × 486
Water Wheel(1985), a seven channel installation presented through a circle of monitors, incorporating material from The Water Catalogue

Music by Bill Seaman
In Water Wheel I was exploring fragments from the linear work The Water Catalogue. A Generative musical score created by different loop durations coming from each separate monitor.

Concepts: loops, a layering of emotional states, memory theatre like space, generative music explored through loop duration permutations, generative image juxtapositions explored through loop duration permutations
  • aesthetics
    • visual
  • genres
    • installations
  • technology
    • displays
    • hardware
      • video (analog)
Technology & Material
Multiple video loops of differing durations. Super 8 film transferred to ¾” Umatic Video Tape by Brodsky and Treadway with precise speed control of film transfer. This tape was them bumped up to 1” video. Precise speed control of 1” editing was facilitated by a unique computer-based video editing controller programmed by Russ Sasnett.
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