Peter William Holden
Source: Peter William Holden
  • SoleNoid
    2184 × 1456
Composed of glossy white wooden discs and sculptural structures which hold mechanical manipulators that pierce classic black and white tap shoes with ornamental brogue patterns. Each structure holds a shoe inches in the air above a small circular metal plate. Eight of these structures are arranged symmetrically in a circular pattern upon a large 4m diameter black wooden disc. Forming a pattern of circles within circles... The mechanical manipulators or to be more precise the compressed air cylinders and valves are combined with a spaghetti of electrical wires and air hoses. This allows each shoe to move in a variety of ways: toe tap, heal tap, stamp, shuffle, leather slap, etc... Each movement produces its own characteristic sound. The sculpture alternates between:

1. A preprogrammed composition by Marko Wild. Here sounds occur sometimes in synchronization and other times in backbeats. It's a concert of many different tones, all short, sharp and to the point so that in some fast passages, the mind links it to the sound of castanets.

2. Interactive the audience can play SoleNoid via the keyboard place next to SoleNoid. Hitting one of the teardrop-shaped keys on the keyboard triggers a short sequence of movements and functions similarly to a sequencer. These sounds and movements can effortlessly be patched together by the audience to produce a new composition.
  • aesthetics
    • acoustic
    • ephemeral
    • installation-based
    • performative
    • real-time
    • sculptural
    • sonification
    • time-based
  • genres
    • installations
      • performative installations
    • robotic art
    • sound art
      • sound installations
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