Peter William Holden
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  • Concentricity
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Do you know that feeling when you're looking at some non-descript object and suddenly a jolt hits you? You notice an incredible wealth of details! Something you thought was mundane is actually incredibly beautiful with surfaces and textures that you've never contemplated before. The more you look, the more you discover and as you are sucked into a concentric universe where the visible stretches out to what seems like infinity in a way like when two mirrors are placed before each other. Experiences like this stay with you, a reminder never to forget the intrinsic beauty within everything, a refresh to a childlike state where everything is wondrous.

One summer when I was caught in a storm, I began watching raindrops fall and in the scattered puddles, I noticed how beautiful the concentric circles were as they dance across my field of vision. I began to wonder could I create a computerized sculpture that could choreograph water droplets and thus make animations from the concentric circles that formed. "Concentricity" is the outcome of my exploration of that idea. The artwork consists of eight identical water filled dishes arranged in a circle pattern on the floor. A few meters above these dishes is the sculptured apparatus, merged with a computer that choreographs the creation of water droplets. The subsequent concentric circles which form as water droplets hit the surface of water pools are lit with a focused beam of light. This light projects the ripples within these water pools onto a wall behind the sculpture and in so doing so makes the animation visible to the observer.
  • aesthetics
    • ephemeral
    • installation-based
    • real-time
    • sculptural
    • three-dimensional
    • visual
  • genres
    • digital animation
    • installations
      • performative installations
    • robotic art
  • subjects
    • Arts and Visual Culture
      • animations
      • expanded cinema
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