The PHSCologram Imagery for AIDS Virus

Ellen Sandor

The PHSCologram Imagery for AIDS Virus , ongoing
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  • The PHSCologram Imagery for AIDS Virus
    300 × 298
The PHSCologram depicts the first computer-generated illustration of the AIDS virus, as known in 1987 when HIV infection was causing millions of deaths around the world. The image represents a colorized CAT scan of a person called Messiah who passed away of AIDS. The scan was colored in the background.
The illustration confronted the audience with the colorful and bright, however deadly virus. The AIDS virus rendering represents human tragedy and hope and seeks to express democracy and freedom as well as to become a tool for collaboration and healing. Travelling through numerous exhibitions, the PHSCologram offered the audience an opportunity to discuss the disease informally and to express concerns and sorrow.
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Technology & Material
20”x24” Virtual Photograph/PHSCologram: Cibachrome, Kodalth, Plexiglas