Bubble Chamber Beginnings: Revisiting the Vintage

Source: https://www.artn.com/fermilab-residency/

Ellen Sandor

Bubble Chamber Beginnings: Revisiting the Vintage , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
(art)n: Chris Kemp and Diana Torres
Jennifer Raaf, Sam Zeller, Thomas Junk and the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Special Thanks Georgia Schwender, Kurt Riesselmann, and Anne Teichert
  • Bubble Chamber Beginnings: Revisiting the Vintage
    980 × 735
»Bubble Chamber Beginnings: Revisiting the Vintage« was produced within Ellen Sandor’s Fermilab 2016 residency. During the residency, Sandor and (art)n in collaboration with Fermilab scientists translated research data on neutrinos into the visual artworks at the intersection of art and science. Neutrinos are elementary particles which emerge through the decay of radioactive items that move with the speed of light and rarely interact with other particles. These specific properties of the particles became an inspiration for Sandor and (art)n to produce visual pieces that appeal to scientists, artists and society. The work was first shown at the Fermilab Art Gallery in Batavia.
  • aesthetics
    • contextual
    • experimental
    • sculptural
    • visual
  • genres
    • digital graphics
    • hybrid art
  • subjects
    • Art and Science
      • code
      • experiments
      • light (energy)
      • physics
      • research
      • science
      • scientific images
Technology & Material
12"x42”x72” Digital PHSCologram Sculpture
Exhibitions & Events