CRISPR-Cas9: A Ray of Light

Ellen Sandor

CRISPR-Cas9: A Ray of Light , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
(art)n, Chris Kemp, Diana Torres, Azadeh Gholizadeh
Special thanks to Caleb Sandor Taub
Collaborative Artists:
Jennifer Doudna, The Doudna Lab: RNA Biology, UC Berkeley Megan Hochstrasser, Innovative Genomics Institute, UC Berkeley
  • CRISPR Cas9: Ray of Light
    750 × 756
  • CRISPR-Cas9: A Ray of Light. Panel 1
    750 × 750
  • CRISPR-Cas9: A Ray of Light. Panel II
    750 × 750
  • CRISPR-Cas9: A Ray of Light. Panel III
    750 × 750
The work depicts gene editing technology CRISPR which has the potential to treat genetically caused diseases, for instance, autism. The PHSCologram sculpture shows different phases of CRISPR genome editing. The first panel shows Cas9 protein in search for the matching DNA target. On the second panel the guiding RNA couples with a strand of the target DNA. The third panel illustrates the cutting process of both strands. Ellen Sandor and her collaborators, working at the intersection of art and science, significantly contribute to the communication of scientific discoveries through this piece.
  • aesthetics
    • sculptural
    • three-dimensional
    • virtual
    • visual
  • genres
    • digital graphics
  • subjects
    • Art and Science
      • code
      • medicine (discipline)
      • representation of knowledge
      • research
      • science
      • scientific images
Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
33 x 33 x 62 inches
Virtual Photograph/Digital PHSCologram Sculpture, Duratrans, Kodalth, Plexiglas
Exhibitions & Events