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Beatriz Albuquerque
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ACTivism was a computer videogame created by Beatriz Albuquerque in 2005-2007, exploring activist key words that functioned in the audience as a way to remember, transform persons that read them and further contemplate afterwards. With transformational activism, even small actions from the “inside out” can make a difference in the long run to create meaningful change in the world. This was explored on a light/shadow sculptural environment formed by letters/words that live in an utopian game area that transposed and became an example of real berserk web interaction documentation.
While the author was playing the videogame, she recorded an file of her gameplay. This recording was turned into the video-art work called ACTivism that was first shown at the Chelsea Art Museum, New York – USA and won the Myers Art Prize in 2009, awarded at Columbia University, New York - USA.
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