Imagining Macondo

Andres Burbano, George Legrady, Angus Forbes
Source: Andres Burbano, George Legrady, Angus Forbes

Andres Burbano

Imagining Macondo ,
Co-workers & Funding
George Legrady, Angus Forbes
  • Imagining Macondo
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Imagining Macondo is a public artwork that commemorates Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garci?a Ma?rquez. It was first showcased at the Bogota International Book Fair in April 2015 to an audience of more than 300,000 over the course of two weeks. The project involved extensive collaboration between an international team of artists, designers, and programmers. This article explores the historical and artistic contexts for the creation of the work, discusses the audience reception to the work, and describes the significant software and production requirements necessary to create an installation with thousands of participants and hundreds of thousands of viewers.
  • aesthetics
    • installation-based
    • interactive
    • panoramatic
    • real-time
    • visual
  • genres
    • database art
    • installations
    • telematic art
  • subjects
    • Arts and Visual Culture
    • Media and Communication
  • technology
    • displays
      • electronic displays
    • hardware
      • touch screens
    • interfaces
      • interactive media
    • software
      • Java
      • software interfaces
Technology & Material
Node.js server
Installation Requirements / Space
pavilion (first installation)
10 m curved screen
user interfaces/mobil user interface
interactive kiosks for submitting images
Data Visualisation
SOM Algorhythm
client-side JavaScript module using the D3 JavaScript library
imaga database: PostgreSQL database
Exhibitions & Events