Andrés Burbano, Clemencia Echeverry, Barbara Santos, Santiago Ortiz
© Quiasma is an interactive DVD that explores the media treatment in a tense territory, through the different rites of celebration. In its initial phase accumulates a rich and extensive video, image and sound materials taken throughout the Colombian nationa ; Andrés Burbano, Clemencia Echeverry, Barbara Santos, Santiago Ortiz

Andres Burbano

Quiasma ,
Co-workers & Funding
with Clemencia Echeverri, Barbara Santos, Santiago Ortiz
funded by Daniel Langlois Foundation
  • Quiasma
    600 × 450
  • Quiasma Screen shot
    1200 × 900
  • Quiasma Screen shot 2
    1366 × 768
A relational narrative map of the space allows us to model a space of data that is there as a network in the subsoil to be visually exposed by whoever interacts with the DVD.

An open model for ideas, for the crossings of information, for the multiplicity of visualizations, for the connections and the tension of a territory. The interface allows us to access through a model of information underlying the result of a visualization of who is browsing.
  • aesthetics
    • collaborative
    • projected
    • virtual
  • genres
    • database art
  • subjects
    • Arts and Visual Culture
      • spectator
      • theater
    • Media and Communication
      • big data
    • Religion and Mythology
      • rituals
      • spirituality
    • Society and Culture
      • communities
  • technology
    • displays
      • electronic displays
        • projection screens
    • hardware
      • video (analog)
    • interfaces
      • interactive media
    • software
      • software interfaces
Technology & Material
Website/ Data Visualisation