The Tele-Actor

Ken Goldberg

The Tele-Actor ,
Co-workers & Funding
Dezhen Song Software Design and Implementation
Anthony Levandowski Scenario, Camerawork, Wireless Networking
Annamarie Ho Tele-Action, Robot, Clone, Human Curriculum
Mark Mckelvin Scenario, Robot, Clone, Human Curriculum
Mikin Faldu html
Matthieu Metz audio, coordination
  • The Tele-Actor
    216 × 158
  • tele-actor
    1956 × 2472
We are studying network-based systems that allow groups of users to "explore" live remote environments such as a rainforest, biotechnology lab, political rally, or rock concert.

The "Tele-Actor" is a skilled human with cameras and microphones connected to a wireless digital network. Live video and audio are broadcast to participants via the Internet or interactive television. Participants not only view, but interact with each other and with the Tele-Actor by voting on what to do next. Our "Spatial Dynamic Voting" (SDV) interface incorporates group dynamics into a variety of online experiences.
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    • interactive
    • real-time
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    • performance art
      • computer performances
      • happenings
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    • Technology and Innovation
      • telematics
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