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Helen Varley Jamieson

UpStage , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Founders and PerSisters: Vicki Smith, Helen Varley Jamieson

Current collaborators and contributors: Teater InterAkt (Sweden), KiG! (Austria), Gloria W., Elisa de Castro Guerra, Paul Rohrlach and others.
  • Mobilise/Demobilise festival
    1019 × 745
  • UpStage's 20th Birthday
    800 × 522
  • aesthetics
    • animated
    • collaborative
    • ephemeral
    • interactive
    • intermedial
    • multi-user
    • narrative
    • networked
    • performative
    • real-time
    • remediated
    • remixed
    • telematic
    • time-based
    • virtual
  • genres
    • digital communities (social network)
    • net art
    • performance art
      • computer performances
      • multimedia performances
  • technology
    • software
      • software interfaces
Technology & Material
UpStage is a web-based venue for online performance, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2024. Remote artists collaborate in real time with all kinds of digital media, for global audiences; performances can be purely online or hybrid online/offline events. Artists can sign up to the public UpStage instance or have a hosted instance of their own.

UpStage is used by artists, students, schools and researchers. Six annual online festivals were organised by and presented in UpStage from 2007 to 2012, and in 2012 UpStage was a key part of organising the CyPosium, a one-day symposium on cyberformance. It has been used in many performances and projects globally. Visit for more information and documentation of artistic projects.

UpStage is an open source server application, first developed by Douglas Bagnall in 2003 and launched in January 2004. The code was completely rewritten in 2020-21 and the new platform launched in October 2021 as part of the Mobilise/Demobilise project, with funding from Creative Europe. Please visit for code and information.