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developed in collaboration between ATR Media Information Science Research Lab, Kyoto, the FhG-IMK Frauenhofer Institute for Mediacommunication Bonn and the IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Gifu Japan. Supported by the BEC Bonner Entwicklungswerkstatt für Computermedien.
  • Ouija - Installation
    418 × 387
  • ouija
    1056 × 753
Ken Goldberg is one of the pioneers of telematic works, and "Ouija 2000" is not only a playful stab at the idea of global mind through the nostalgia of a Ouija board, it introduces important elements of real-time collaboration.
"Ouija 2000" consists of a game board located in situ with its pointer mounted on a robotic arm and a webcam view of the board. In contrast to most teleoperation systems where a single user controls a single robot, with "Ouija 2000" participants logging on to the Web site are given instructions for using their computer mouse to interact with up to twenty other live players to collaboratively control a single industrial robot arm--and the board planchette. The game-program calculates the collective movement of online participants' mice to determine the correct answer to point to.
  • aesthetics
    • collaborative
    • multi-user
    • real-time
    • tactile
  • genres
    • telematic art
  • subjects
    • Art and Science
      • dynamical systems
    • Body and Psychology
      • hands
    • Media and Communication
      • communication
    • Technology and Innovation
      • robots
      • telematics
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