Convergent Landscape: Form and Number

Jeffrey Shaw
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Jeffrey Shaw

Convergent Landscape: Form and Number , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Coauthor: Tobias Gremmler (design), Bernd Lintermann, Cédric Maridet (sound)
  • Convergent Landscape: Form and Number
    960 × 1280
  • Convergent Landscape: Form and Number
    1280 × 754
This installation was a singular contribution to the larger multimedia performance Cloud Theatre: Shanghai Odyssey, a confluence of projected images, videos, urban sounds and a dance theatre that took place in the large domed Shanghai Cement Plant as part of West Bund 2013: A Biennial for Architecture and Contemporary Art.

At the centre of the Shanghai Cement Plant building, atop its massive crane and conveyor belt, a large cube-shaped construction of three projection screens constituted the architecture for this panoramic video installation. The core thematics explored in the iconography of its animations were the variances between Western and Chinese traditions of ‘world making’ and of spatial representation, particularly in the rendering of landscape subjects. These in turn were linked to images of respective methodologies of scientific inquiry. The video sequence concluded with an imaginary of the conjugation of these two modes of apperception and representation via the procedural visual formations first developed for Utopia Triumphans (2002).
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