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Computer technology promised to save us time and provide a renewed sense of community. Instead we are collectively suffering from information overflow and lack of time, and we have to reconsider the established notions of "community". When thinking through issues around development and design of networked multiuser environments, time is the most critical element to consider. Information demands time; relationships demand time. How do we approach social environments in which relationships are built on information exchange and where physical presence is not necessary?

"Notime" develops ways in which visualization of social networks can be used to create new types of communication patterns, revealing an aesthetic space that is based on time spent communicating with others and the attention span the audience gives to people represented as meme fabrics. The installation allows the audience to navigate the networked environment with their bodies and through their interaction affect the constructed geometries representing information data-bodies of people connected to the "Telematic Connections" exhibition. Experience of time is heightened not only by the conceptual framework but also by the very architecture that is built using elastic interval geometry and navigable 3D sound environment. Time spent on different people, memes embedded in the geometry, as well as total time spent in the space is measured throughout the experience.

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