How to Make a Shakespeare Machine

Ben Rubin
Source: Ben Rubin

Ben Rubin

How to Make a Shakespeare Machine , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
The work is by Ben Rubin with a great deal of help from statistician Mark Hansen, who collaborated with on all aspects of Shakespearian digital dramaturgy, and architect Michele Gorman, who conceptualized and realized the form of the piece with Ben Rubin.
Electrical engineering and fabrication services were provided by Marty Chafkin of Perfection Electricks and Will Pickering of Parallel Development.
Processing software development by Ian Ardouin-Fumat and Jer Thorp.
Structural engineering support provided by Guy Nordenson and Associates.
  • How to Make a Shakespeare Machine
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Shakespeare Machine is a permanent artwork in the lobby of the Public Theater in New York City. It was commissioned by the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Percent-for-Art program and the Public Theater. It was opened to the public in October, 2012.
Source: Ben Rubin
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