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Olga Kisseleva
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Olga Kisseleva

Custom Made , ongoing
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The Custom Made project is a reflection on the superpower of nanotechnology, which is capable of manufacturing the universe to order with accuracy up to the very last nanoparticle.

On the one hand, nanotechnology is an opportunity for us to consider what are our values and goals, and, on the other hand, it is a fertile ground for experimenting with new ways of manufacturing collective norms. "Reflexivity" means two things: first, that our society is willing to publicly question their values and goals, and secondly that individuals are well placed in their ability to effectively weigh up the production of collective norms, for example in the mechanisms of participatory democracy.

The question ultimately is this: have our societies really done with techno-scientific "alienation"? Under the guise of the “reflexivity” of research, are we not actually seeing the irruption of a new figure of "alienation" in and through all the techno sciences, nanotechnology in particular - i.e., of a new way for individuals to become strangers to their own reality?
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Technology & Material
The installation Custom Made modeled nano optic procedures which allow for the modeling, in real time, of a space's colours. This technology was based on two methods: data analysis of colour metrics and the transformation of white light into the desired colour. As such, each visitor entering the room gave it the colour of his/her choice. However, he/she would then become hostage to the choice of the next visitor.