The Invisible

Peter William Holden
© Photo: Medial Mirage / Matthias Möller ; Peter William Holden

Peter William Holden

The Invisible , ongoing
  • Critical Mass
    3230 × 2153
"The Invisible" is presented as a sculptural performance consisting of eight duplicate custom-built robots all suspended and arranged evenly in a circular pattern from a metal frame. Fedora hats are attached via a multitude of black rods to each robotic structure so that the hats hang in midair at roughly eye level with the observer. This arrangement alludes to an invisible human presence directly below each hat, and this allusion to humanity is a common feature in my work. A copiousness number of electrical cables and air tubes are joined to these mechanized elements. Which under the guidance of a computer program, allows the movement of the iconic Fedora hats to be manipulated and enables the piece to perform a choreographed dance/animation. Resulting in the hats swerving in formation, gyrating and rushing this way and that to the accompanying sound of Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries in a surreal theatrical homage to the helicopter attack scene from the film Apocalypse Now.
  • aesthetics
    • animated
    • ephemeral
    • installation-based
    • real-time
    • sculptural
  • genres
    • digital animation
    • installations
      • performative installations
    • robotic art
  • subjects
    • Arts and Visual Culture
      • animations
      • dance
      • expanded cinema
      • shadows
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