The Wish

Source: Nicole Stenger 2015

Nicole Stenger

The Wish ,
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Music by Mozart, Song by Victoria Mariano
  • The Wish
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"THE WISH" Narration:

"Everything was falling.
Then the Waves came.
They wrapped houses and entire cities.
And with them, came the Ears, and the Eyes.
And sometimes a Nose would sit on the kid's dinner.

With no homes and no cities, the citizens went to the hills
and left words of despair
on abandonned shelves.

Tomb Guardians from ancient times found them,
and blew tham to another dimension.

And it became "THE WISH".

Then, something happened.
Right where the noble-minded are..

In every fire-station
the firefighters became divine!
And there was so much goodness about them
that all the goodies that came to their minds
would just pop up in the air around them.

And it was real!

When they saw this, the citizens
rushed them to an old market by the sea
and started some serious shopping.

And it was all free!

And the bliss of all these bargains was so uplifting
that overnight, it became Paradise


Sure, it looked like a thriftstore,
but people liked it better.
And no-one missed the old fussy version!"

Nicole Stenger 2015
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