Os que chegam com a noite

Source: 2013-2015

Pedro Veneroso

Os que chegam com a noite , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Cinthia Marcelle
  • Os que chegam com a noite
    3860 × 4380
Using custom made circuits based on Arduino we create an intervention in the lighting systems of public spaces intending to alter the visitors' experiences of space and time, changing their apprehension of the surrounding environment and how they behave in this unusual and ever-changing situation. The idea revolves around creating an ambience of intermittent lights that turn on and off, resembling a cloud of fireflies advancing throughout the night, following a dynamic animation made according to characteristics of the location where the installation is set up: either being a street that has its lampposts turned on and off progressively or a park in which paths are drawn by the animated lights, visitors are induced to rethink the public space and their relationships with it based on a unstable variation of areas of darkness and light. The circuits can be attached directly to lampposts in order to control the flow of electricity or, in some cases, use a complementary system of lasers to control photoelectric relays already attached to the lampposts; equipped with a custom build radio frequency system, each module communicates with the other in the system, providing the ability to control the light system either as a whole or dealing with individual nodes; this way the system can be synchronised in order to produce environmental animations of light.
  • aesthetics
    • immersive
    • installation-based
    • site-specific
  • genres
    • conceptual art
      • art interventions
    • installations
  • subjects
    • Nature and Environment
      • environment
      • landscapes (environments)
    • Technology and Innovation
      • electricity
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