Deepwater Horizon

Diego Caglioni
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Diego Caglioni

Deepwater Horizon ,
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Diego Caglioni
  • Deepwater Horizon
    1024 × 576
  • Deepwater Horizon
    1024 × 576
This work is the result of the overlapping of the most viewed worldwide YouTube videos since 20th of April 2010, day of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion, one of the biggest environmental disaster in recent years.
I took these videos for a month, which have various arguments, from a blockbuster film trailer to the Obama’s talking at The Tonight Show. But none of them is about the environmental disaster, like if the community would been interested in more superficial and low cultural stuff. Video flux becomes an informational boil that blows up ad follows one the other out of control, just like the hydrocarbons leaking from the seabed hurt by human stupidity.
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