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Diego Caglioni
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    1000 × 1500
Typed sentences has been collected by people I met and I’m actually meeting in chat for two years. These sentences are not picked up from conversations but they’re written thoughts near the avatars, substantially they have the same function, they’re simply the “written” version of the images. They include quotes, moods, messages, vents… Usually a person writes them to show everyone in his chat list what important happened to him or what he’s thinking about, so they are like a synthesis of mood or what happened in that moment of his life. Through these thoughts we can follow either inner events without a significant for us or common events (the earthquake, New Year’s Day, Berlusconi chairman of the Board, Obama’s election, etc…).
I’ve typed all these sentences chronologically, without ink, to impress them on a material support and to save them from a certain disappearing.
Lack of ink does the person who will read these sentences to stay in the right point of view and nearer, with more attention and make them more intimate than clear types, easy to read by many in the same time, like it would be happened in a digital medium they were born.
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Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
space needed:
2,50 m height
9 m lenght
typewriter Olivetti 32
paper printout