The Way

Tamas Waliczky & Anna Szepesi
Source: Tamas Waliczky & Anna Szepesi

Tamas Waliczky

The Way , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Conception: Tamás Waliczky & Anna Szepesi, Animation: Tamás Waliczky, Actor and music: Manfred Hauffen, Software: Chris Dodge, Sebastian Egner, Lutz Kettner, Camera: Uwe Teske, Stefan Joachim, Special thanks for: Astrid Sommer, Produced by Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Copyright © 1994 Tamás Waliczky & Anna Szepesi
  • The Way
    768 × 404
  • The Way
    768 × 404
  • The Way
    768 × 404
  • Tha Way at “The Butterfly Effect”, Palace of Exhibitions, Budapest, 1996
    1641 × 1068
  • The Way at "Imaging Media. produced@zkm", ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, 2009
    3072 × 2304
  • The Way at Multimediale 4 exhibition
    640 × 480
"The Way" is a 3-D computer animation combined with live video. Depicted are three runners followed by a camera down a foggy street in a small German village.

To visualize "The Way", I've inverted the common system of the central perspective. Instead of having the vanishing point at its usual place (i.e., on the horizon which represents endlessness), I've moved it to the closest possible position next to the viewpoint. Since the viewpoint and the vanishing point are in nearly the same place in this system, every object disappears before it reaches the viewer. The further an object is from the viewer, the larger it appears. The closer an object is, the smaller. You can notice this effect on the runners, too: the smallest runner is the one closest to you and the biggest, the furthest away. Since our camera follows the runners, their sizes are the same. They are a kind of reference point in this strange inverted world.
  • aesthetics
    • animated
    • illusionary
    • installation-based
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    • digital animation
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    • Media and Communication
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