Terrence Fradet, Andres Colubri, Jihyun Kim
Source: Terrence Fradet, Andres Colubri, Jihyun Kim

Andres Colubri

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Andres Colubri, Terrence Fradet, Jihyun Kim
  • Relay
    2048 × 1152
elay is a mobile app by Jihyun Kim, Terrence Fradet, and Andres Colubri. Users of this app can leave messages in augmented reality at locations in the city where “Relay” posters or signs are placed. New messages can be added to the existing ones, so a dialog is constructed by the users/participants.

With this project we were exploring ways in which we can use technology to create social interactions in the public spaces. We were also looking into the question of what is accepted as public art: by creating this layer of personal expression and communication, perhaps public space itself can be seen as “gallery space” for everyone.
  • genres
    • digital activism
    • installations
      • augmented reality (AR)
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Android OS
vuforia SDK
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