Andres Colubri, Jihyun Kim
Source: Andres Colubri, Jihyun Kim

Andres Colubri

ITCH , ongoing
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Jihyun Kim, Andres Colubri
  • ITCH
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The ITCH acronym stands for “Interactive Technology – Community Hacking”, and as such it tries to represent a wide artistic research project concerning with the impact of personal mobile technologies on social behavior, particularly in the public space. It began in 2010 as a collaboration with media artist Jihyun Kim, and my specific interest consists in exploring the possibilities of hacking and open source to turn mobile devices into platforms for group expression and social interaction.

As a research project dealing with a large and complex cultural issue, it is expected to involve a variety of different and complementary initiatives: talks, installations, workshops, courses, etc.
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    • Arts and Visual Culture
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    • Power and Politics
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    • Society and Culture
      • privacy
      • urban space
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