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Where Dogs Run

FIELDS 2.1 , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Thanks for the help in creating the project:

The Ural Federal University, Ural Branch NCCA, Baltic Branch NCCA

Vladimir Ya. Shur Head of the Ferroelectric Lab, Institute of Physics and Applied Mathematics,Ural Federal University, Professor of the Computer Physics, Department, Ural Federal University Director of the Ural Center of Shared Use “Modern Nanotechnology” Ural Federal University

Ivanov Alex O. Doctor of Phisics and Mathematics, Professor of the Mathematical Phisics Department, The Mathematical Phisics Department.

Arseny Sergeev
Nailya Allahverdieva
Svetlana Usoltseva
Ilya Shipilovskhikh
  • Fields 2.1
    2048 × 1366
  • FIELDS 2.1
    2048 × 1366
  • FIELDS 2.1
    2048 × 1366
  • FIELDS 2.1
    2048 × 1366
Fields 2.1 is an attempt to create an illusion of consciousness in non-living matter. A moving eye is a property
that allows the viewer to perceive the “inanimate” as the “conscious”. Using magnetic fields and ferrofluid
technologies the artists build up a model of how non-living matter evolves which has an inherent organic
characteristic to undergo random specific changes at specific moments of time. In the project
consciousness (or its signatures) appears as a reaction to another consciousness (or its signatures) and
comprises various relations between matters – from observation to interaction.
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