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Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
To run Tre is necessary to have:

- a working GNU/Linux workstation with a MMX capable CPU
- SDL libraries <>
- PNG libraries <>
- NASM <>
- XFree86 4.2 or latest, better with an accelerated videocard
- a video4linux supported grabbing card for live video

For better fullscreen support try to add to your XF86Config file the
modelines in doc/x11.modelines.
This sourcecode has been composed using the framework of FreeJ: a free
software implementing digital instrument for video livesets, featuring
realtime rendering of multilayered video and chained effect filtering
directly on the screen.

FreeJ is Free Software written in C, C++ and some assembler, its
sourcecode is released under the Gnu Public License, it comes with
absolutely no warranty and you are welcome to redistribute it under
certain conditions (refer to the license for details).

FreeJ is being developed in the hope to provide the free software
community with a modular and highly customizable application to
perform video livesets; a free and open framework that lets anybody
implement hisown filters concentrating simply on the dsp algorithm
developed and furthermore to combine them over any supported layer.