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In "Rambona" the artist transposes the subject of "woman as object of desire" (cover girl) into an image of power. Rambo becomes Rambona. Says the artist, "Duga, a popular magazine in Serbia, came out with a cover girl dressed in a combat suit. The girl, with silicon implants in her breasts, like a cyborg, seduces you with the idea of going to war. The young boys are going to fight for her body, unite with the hard bombs, explode inside her. She is the answer to the image of Rambo." Using the cross more like a bombing target than a religious icon, Vesna uses 33 separate dye sublimation prints tiled into one image to overcome scale limitations. The work is 81 inches tall by 70 inches wide. The themes of seduction, survival, and death are fueled by highly saturated color, four-way symmetry, high contrast, and the actual burning of the edges of the prints.

  • aesthetics
    • assembled
    • duplicated
    • multiple
    • remixed
    • visual
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    • Arts and Visual Culture
      • representation
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      • feminism
Technology & Material
The original magazine was scanned at 200 dpi using a MicroTek II scanner. Image manipulation was done in Adobe Photoshop. The final prints were made on a Kodak 7700 Dye Sublimation Printer.
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