Chromatic Shifts

Esteban García and Max Carlson
© Wood, Acrylic, Wiring ; Esteban García and Max Carlson

Esteban Garcia Bravo

Chromatic Shifts ,
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Collaboration with Max Carlson
  • Chromatic shifts
    2048 × 1152
  • Chromatic Shifts
    1000 × 563
  • In/Out
    1280 × 720
Chromatic Shifts is a dynamic light installation that explores perceptual changes of shape at a cognitive level. Rhythmic pulses of color illuminate ambiguous and “impossible” shapes as they appear to shift between two and three dimensions. Inspired by Penrose “impossible triangle,” the colorful planes of the entirely static image appear to be shifted in the viewer’s eye, creating a new, seemingly impossible composition every time. Research on shape perception and cognitive science supports this optical display as a fusion point of scientific and artistic explorations.
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    • illusionary
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