Sustainable Cinema No. 4: Shadow Play

Source: Scott Hessels 2011

Scott Hessels

Sustainable Cinema No. 4: Shadow Play , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Additional Mechanical Engineering: Bok Chian Check
  • Sustainable Cinema No. 4: Shadow Play
    640 × 360
The silhouettes of the ancient art of Shadow Play are achieved by light penetrating a translucent screen, and this sculpture uses the rotation of the windmill as the power to generate the backlight for the presentation. Additionally, the wind turns a series of gears and plates that animate the puppets and move a background diorama to create a one-minute shadow theatre performance.

Sustainable Cinema is a series of kinetic public sculptures that merge natural power sources with early optical illusions to create a moving image. Nature is the power and the director of cinematography in each of the sculptures, which are designed to start a conversation about environmentally responsible media and a search for more sustainable solutions to power our emerging technologies.
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