Sustainable Cinema No. 3: Praxinoscope Windmill

Source: Scott Hessels 2011

Scott Hessels

Sustainable Cinema No. 3: Praxinoscope Windmill , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Additional Mechanical Engineering: Low Ee Ter, Ho Chee Wah, and Wu Xinni Additional Engineering: Bok Chian Check
  • Sustainable Cinema No. 3: Praxinoscope Windmill
    640 × 480
The 19th century Praxinoscope consisted of a circular beveled mirror reflecting a series of animation frames. When the device is spun, a moving image appears on the mirror. Using wind as the power and a structure that references the Eiffel Tower (built the same time as the invention of the device), the animation appears in the base of the windmill and is completely controlled by the speed and direction of the wind.

Sustainable Cinema is a series of kinetic public sculptures that merge natural power sources with early optical illusions to create a moving image. Nature is the power and the director of cinematography in each of the sculptures, which are designed to start a conversation about environmentally responsible media and a search for more sustainable solutions to power our emerging technologies.
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