Sustainable Cinema No. 2: Lenticular Bicycle

Scott Hessels 2014
Source: Scott Hessels 2014

Scott Hessels

Sustainable Cinema No. 2: Lenticular Bicycle , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Animation: The Parade of Burden by Tommy Ng Kai-chung and Scott Hessels
Additional Engineering: Alan Lau Ying-lung, Gordon Mak Wah-tong
  • Sustainable Cinema No. 2: Lenticular Bicycle
    5760 × 3840
Lenticular Bicycle is the first sculpture in the series to use human energy. The pedal-powered movie references the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the hacked bicycles that are roughly converted for use in family businesses throughout Southeast Asia. Each moving sculpture uses simple illusions made with simple energy, yet still contains the mystery of cinema. They are the pure magic of the moving image.

Sustainable Cinema is a series of kinetic public sculptures that merge natural power sources with early optical illusions to create a moving image. Nature is the power and the director of cinematography in each of the sculptures, which are designed to start a conversation about environmentally responsible media and a search for more sustainable solutions to power our emerging technologies.
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