TBT - Time Based Text

Jaromil Rojo

TBT - Time Based Text , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Jaromil (2004). Artwork realized with the support of the Impakt Festival (NL). Interactive installation. Source code available.

- "Variations on Nothing" by Jaromil at iStream etext - words in motion
- "Error_in_Time" by Nancy Mauro-Flude at various avenues
"Thinking about gesture in art, people usually refer to choreography. If the topic is related to IT, instead, usability becomes the issue. But, what about gesture in computer art? Does it mean natural interaction or is it just a matter of performance? Certainly, a gesture is a way for emphasizing communication. A pioneer of net.art such as Jaromil is exploring this area with a project called Time Based Text (TBT)." - Valentina Culatti, Neural.IT

"Time Based Text can be considered software art, but above all it is a new form of digital poetics. TBT offers a creative, experimental, joyful and critical way of handling digital text by implementing interactivity, new software and network communications. Time Based Text is a type-performance that illustrates feelings." - Annet Dekker
  • aesthetics
    • narrative
  • subjects
    • Art and Science
      • code
      • dynamical systems
    • Arts and Visual Culture
      • literature
      • poetry
    • Body and Psychology
      • emotion
Technology & Material
PC, 2 monitors. Bed, table and chair
- PHP/Javascript implementation by Angelo Failla
- Dokuwiki plugin by Robin Gareus
- Pure Javascript recorder by Meinhard Benn
- Python/GTK implementation by Pablo Martín