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Jill Scott

The Body Remembers ,
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Spanning 22 years and three continents, the performance, video and digital media work made by Jill Scott coalesces at points that are both corporeal and mechanistic. The differing themes and effects of each work are supported by a range of interests that extend across the breadth of her oeuvre.The modular nature of Scott's career to date, with its chronological divisions that separate into media categories (performance, video and digital), conceals the constant presence of notions of body, memory, history and technology. In her work, some or all of these concepts are brought together at different times.

(source: Z. Stanhope,

includes: Taped (1975), Boxed (1975), Tied (1975), Strung (1976), Accidents for One; Accidents for four (1976), Choice (1977), Inside-Out (1978), Moved up, moved down (1978), Extremities (1979), The Homecoming (1979), Persist, the Memory (1980), Sand, the Stimulant (1980), Out the Back (1981), Order the Underfire (1981), Desire the Code (1982), Constriction (1982), The Magnetic Tapes (1982), Double Dream (1985), Double Space (1985), Double Time (1985), Life Flight (1988), Media Message (1988), Continental Drift (1990/91), Paradis Tossed (1992), Machine Dreams (1994), Frontiers of Utopia (1995/96), A Figurative History (1996), Immoral Duality (1997), Interskin (1997)
  • genres
    • database art
    • installations
      • interactive installations
  • subjects
    • Body and Psychology
      • bodies (animal components)
    • History and Memory
      • history
  • technology
    • displays
      • electronic displays
        • projection screens
        • projectors
      • non-electronic displays
        • books
    • interfaces
      • body sensors
        • body tracking
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