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In the plant cell, huge numbers of chlorophyll molecules are linked one to another. When they receive light, they synchronize their activity perfectly. Each of the molecules receives and transmits photons all the way to the reaction center of the network, which in turn uses the photons to create different organic materials. For the ‘staging’ of this piece, chlorophyll molecules are detached from their network and float in alcohol lit by ultraviolet rays. By restoring some of these rays, the chlorophyll makes the fluorescent red pigment visible.

Biological evolution marked a crucial step with the emergence of one phenomenon: certain organisms became capable of transforming energy produced by the sun. The spontaneity of this photochemical reaction was one of the motors of evolution from the rudimentary mono-cellular state to the appearance of the complex machine that is man. Photosynthesis is the ultimate energy conversion phenomenon without which humans and other species could not exist.
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