Golden Gate Fly- Over
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Michael Naimark

Golden Gate Fly- Over ,
Co-workers & Funding
Concept and Direction: Michael Naimark

Software Design: Ken Carson

Executive Producer: Hill Branscomb

Supported by Advanced Interaction Inc.

Thanks to Harvie Branscomb, Scott Fisher, Steve Gano, Richard Hollander, Brenda Laurel, Bob Mohl, Genevieve Vaughan, and Diaquest Inc.
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Golden Gate Fly-over is a moviemap of the San Francisco Bay Area from the air made the Exploratorium. We used a special gyro-stabilized helicopter camera and satellite navigation to film along a precise ten by ten mile grid centered on Golden Gate Bridge. This exhibit uses a single trackball as the input device, so it is very easy to use. It allows moving around the Bay Area at unnaturally fast speeds. The goal was not to re-create a helicopter ride as much as to create a hyper-real experience, something impossible to experience in the physical world.

Michael Naimark
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